This video is for Game Of Thrones fans. Let us discover real-life filming locations which the directors of this popular series use to create the famous fictional world of Westeros.

Here is a list of places in the video,

  • Northern Ireland,
    Magheramorne Quarry: used for Castle Black and The Wall
    The Dark Hedges: used for the King’s Road
    Downhill Strand and Mussenden Temple: used for Dragonstone
    Castle Ward: used for Winterfell
    Ballintoy Harbour: used for Pyke
  • Iceland,
    Grjotagja Cave: used for the scene of Jon Snow and Ygritte
    Lake Myvatn: used for Beyond The Wall
  • Croatia,
    Dubrovnik: used for King’s Landing
  • Spain,
    Girona: used for Braavos
    Castillo de Zafra: used for Tower of Joy
    Alcazar of Seville: used for Water Gardens of Dorne

Do you like Game Of Thrones? Have you been to these filming locations? Share your thoughts with us below.