This is the first post purely related to military powers of countries on this website. I would like to make one thing clear for my readers at this point. I served as an officer for 1 year during my mandatory military service. However, I want to live in a world where humans not killing each other, without conflicts and wars. Of course, we need to be realistic at the same time and probably we will not reach a global system where we will be all united, at least not yet. If aliens will attack us, maybe that time 🙂

Anyway, when you compare countries, one of the most popular topics is military/army comparison. So, in the video above, we will find the top 10 most powerful militaries.

Here is the list,

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. India
  5. France
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. Japan
  8. Turkey
  9. Germany
  10. Italy

What do you think about this list? Share your comments below.